Frontline Consultants

Frankie O'Sullivan

Frankie O'Sullivan

Frankie has worked in teaching and learning for over 17 years. Her background in Nursing and Rehabilitative Training has taught her that training must keep pace with international standards and focus on achieving sustainable behavioral change.

She has a well-developed understanding of carers’ perceptions regarding education. Her combination of online content, workbooks, and workplace partnerships mean all learners enjoy interactive experiences in health and social care training.

Her passion is to develop and motivate people to become the best they can be at whatever they choose to do. Frankie has oversight of an outstanding team of committed and experienced Education Consultants. This reliable and professional team has worked together since the inception of Frontline Training. She has harnessed technology and integrated it into healthcare training to support inclusion and improve the outcomes for these essential learners.

She is committed to Healthcare education and ensuring that customer care approaches are integrated into Healthcare training to continue to improve standards of care. Frankie is the Author of our in-house textbook Care of the Older Person and co-author of our in-house textbooks Care Skills and Infection Prevention and Control.