ABOUT Frontline

At Frontline Training Services, we have been providing inspirational and outstanding online resources for over ten years. Our seamless delivery is spearheaded by professional health and social care consultants who have the necessary expertise and commitment. We ensure that classes always run on time, are never cancelled, are engaging and interactive and are stimulating spaces where learners can discuss, debate, partake and develop. Every process is planned, from content delivery and assignment marking to preparation for Internal Verification of learners’ submissions and QQI validation. Our online discussion forums are available for learners to submit questions or queries directly to their consultant. Noticeboards are constantly updated, learners are always in the loop.  Additional References for learners who want more in-depth research are readily accessible. Support is a serious component of what we have to offer and is consistent and continuous.

If online training is proving to be a hassle or a dilemma for your organisation, it’s time to let Frontline Training Services take charge. At Frontline Training Services, we have tried-and-tested solutions for our new-world realities that can and will take the pain out of healthcare training for you.

As the owner of Frontline Training Services, I have put my head, heart and soul, into creating a training company that is leading the way in delivering high-quality, blended learning content for QQI Level 5 and Level 6 programmes. Unlike other Training Companies who have found the transition from classroom-based to online delivery an arduous task, our professional and dedicated team at Frontline Training Services was not only willing and prepared to embrace the online platform but already proficient and assured in online delivery; thanks to my suite of sophisticated resources.

For the past ten years, I have been creating, developing, amending, adapting and successfully utilising online resources to enable thousands of learners to achieve their potential, reach their goals and secure employment in their health and childcare areas of choice. When it comes to creating, providing and delivering excellent and accurate content, innovative resources and engaging materials, I am driven and committed. That is why I have reconfigured Frontline Training Services as a hugely reliable and accomplished Resource Company with the capacity to provide other training companies with the essential resources for delivering high-quality training in this current climate.